About Us

dataTwist is a boutique data science consultancy delivering customised solutions to clients. Our goal is to be a trusted data partner, while letting our clients focus on their core business.

dataTwist’s mission is to help clients increase revenue and profit, optimize costs and grow market share. We achieve that by offering solutions for process automation, cost visibility, sales and marketing strategy and much more. While every project is different, all are aimed at impacting the bottom line.

Why dataTwist

Every business today generates data that could provide actionable insights. However, not every business counts data as its core competence. We founded dataTwist to help businesses to take full advantage of their data while focusing on what they do best. Have you ever tried reading an article on big data? Found yourself struggling to understand the real life meaning behind the buzzwords that only data scientists and programmers are familiar with? Have you been left with the feeling that you need to analyse your data, but not sure where to start and how that analysis would translate into tangible business results?

Here is where dataTwist is different. We speak plain English to our clients and concentrate on converting your data into meaningful, impactful business insights.

How Do We Work?
First, we understand how your data can assist your everyday business needs (we offer a 2 day no-fee initial consultation here), and then we work with our scientists to offer you the best analytics solution.

We typically start with an Investigation — the exploratory data analysis, which is an objective overview of your data, feasibility of the ideas, best technology tools and the costs. This Investigation could include a Proof Of Concept, where we verify if your data contains the right amount of the necessary signals to implement the requested functionality.
Every outcome is viewed in business terms. We show you how your data could increase your sales and customer base and where you can decrease your costs.


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Our Process


Client Interview


Data Gathering


Data Analysis


Data Insights

Why dataTwist?

dataTwist is a close knit team with more than 45+ years of cumulative data analysis experience and a network of trusted technology delivery partners. Our experience includes 30+ data use cases delivered to technology providers, marketing agencies, online retailers, hardware product companies, automotive manufacturers and others.
As a small and lean company, we operate the IT partner model to accommodate each project with the most suitable, bespoke technology solutions.
We put a great emphasis on data security. An Non-Disclosure Agreement is entered into before any sensitive information is exchanged and we use the most comprehensive cyber security protection available.
Depending on the clients’ needs, onsite, nearshore or offshore delivery is possible.

Consulting services


  • Data Gathering & Integration Process Mapping
  • Data Strategy Recommendations
  • Customized Solutions
  • AI-driven Solutions
  • Data Science Consulting

Data Management Services


  • Predictive Models
    • Retention Models
    • Fraud Detection Models
    • Social Media Models
  • Custom Classifiers
  • Custom Segmentation and Clustering Models
  • Data Cleansing Automation
  • Bespoke Service

Machine Learning


  • Machine Learning
    • Consumer Sentiment Analysis
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Text Analysis
  • Computer Vision Models
  • Data Capture and OCR Solutions

Your Data Privacy

We understand your data confidentiality concerns, especially around customer sensitive data and are compliant with all UK & EU Data protection legislation.

In many cases, public data — like social media, could be analysed to see the performance of your business and its competitors.

Contact us for a 2 day free initial consultation here.

Engaging data. To Excel.

Our story

The idea of dataTwist was born when its founder Svetlana Tsourikova, was engaged on a consulting assignment setting the internal data analytics strategy for a fashion company in London. Observing first hand the internal delivery challenges where fashion professionals were asked to act as data professionals, she thought that having a trusted third party provider would not only simplify things, but also make them much more time and cost effective. Svetlana founded dataTwist in 2019.

The HQ is in London, with a development team based in Minsk, Belarus.

Our Case Studies

We have delivered 30+ data use cases across a number of industries. Our experience covers technology providers, marketing agencies, online retailers, hardware product companies, automotive manufacturers and others.

We are Best in

We have a heavy focus on machine learning and computer vision solutions.

Contact Info

​​We offer a 2 day no fee initial consultation for all interested parties. Please send us an email or use the form below to find out more. We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.