How much particular industry expertise is required to analyse data?

Industry expertise is required to set up the Key Performance indicators (KPIs), which are obtained though interviews with stakeholders. The mathematical and statistical tools which are applied to analyse the data are universal and industry agnostic.


What is the cost of dataVeek services?

We are a boutique company, operating a no frills, customer-centric policy. The project rates also depend on the location and nature of the project. For instance, London-based project rates are typically higher than for the projects sourced overseas. We currently outsource to Central and Eastern Europe, taking advantage of geographical proximity, strong scientific educational foundations in the region and wage advantages.


How long does a typical project last?

We aim to put the data team together in 1-4 weeks, depending on the work volume. The project length is determined during the preliminary consultation. Contact us for a 2 day no fee initial consultation here.


Which data tools does dataVeek work with?

We work with a variety of data tools. If you have the preference for a particular tool, such as QlikView or Tableau, it can be discussed at the start of the project.